Immanuel Lutheran Church

Amador County, CA

The Marks of the Church:


Mark One:

To hear or see this word preached, believed, professed, and lived is the first mark of the Church.

Mark Two:

Baptism being taught, believed, and administered correctly according to Christ's ordinance is the second mark of the Church.

Pastor Gene

Mark Three:

The holy sacrament of the altar, where it is rightly administered, believed, and received, according to Christ's institution is the third mark of the Church

Mark 4:

Confession of sin, lives amended, and absolution given is the fourth mark of the Church.

Mark Five:

A called ministry to lead the Church in word and sacrament is the fifth mark of the Church.

Mark Six:

Prayer, spiritual songs, study of God's word and acceptance of the creeds and confessions of the Church is the sixth mark of the Church.

Pastor Gene

Mark Seven:

Taking up our cross each day. Enduring every misfortune, persecution and trial for the sake of Christ, is the seventh mark of the Church.